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Understanding Wealth Creation

Rule One : Understanding Wealth Creation

Life's simplicity:

Everything in life is based on simple rules. The applications and expansions of these rules become more and more complex as they evolve, but the standard rules are always very basic and simple.

A loaf of bread's formula is simple: you need to mix flour with water, salt and sugar (to your liking), and a raising agent. Then you need to let it raise. Then you bake it.

A very simple formula.

The creativity and extra ingredients that go into making bread produce all the different types and varieties, and starts to add more and more complexity, and even the name starts to change.

But if you look at its basics, and if you ask anyone to make bread, he will 100% produce bread if he follows the simple basic formula of making bread.

If we were to write the formula of making bread, all kinds and variants, and make it a little bit mathematical, it would look something like this:

( Basic Ingredients + Extra Ingredients * Proper Effort * Proper time ) ^ Creativity = Bread

This might make making bread seem a bit complex (that's what you always get when using math), but believe me, it just simplifies it.

Now, from that formula, we can make out that there are basic factor, improvement factors and maximizing factors.

The basic factors, which produce the basic bread are : basic ingredients, proper effort and proper time.

If someone just applies the basic factors (basic ingredients, proper effort and proper time), he will most definitely make bread, guaranteed.

And if he starts applying the improvement factor (Extra Ingredients ), he will start to have better and more rewarding bread. And if he starts to apply the maximizing factor (Creativity), he will get the some of the best breads.

But the focus here is that if you apply the basic factors of making bread, you will 100% have bread.

And so goes for everything in life. To have a great farm you would need to apply the following formula:

( Seeds * Effort * Land * Repetition * Time ) ^ Trade = Great Farm

The formula of prosperity:

Achieving wealth and prosperity is a certainty. Anyone following the rules of making wealth, will 100% be wealthy.

Not only that, but according to how much he can take advantage of improvement factors and maximizing factors, he can multiply his basic wealth growth capacity, and reach levels of wealth that those who do not know the basic formula of wealth think is just the realm of dreams and illusions.

So basically wealth generation is a result of applying investment effort and investment capital, fundamentally, and to do it repeatedly. Anyone who applies these basic factors, will 100% become prosperous.

To improve prosperity outcome, more time applied to the basic factors would greatly increase the results.

And to maximize the results, and become even more wealthy beyond all of these factors, to apply intelligence would exponentially grow the results.

Here is the mathematical formula:

( Effort * Capital * Fundamentals * Repetition * Time ) ^ Intelligence = Wealth & Prosperity

Becoming prosperous and wealthy is not a mystery. It is nothing more than the application of the above formula.

The simplest, most humble beginnings in terms of capital, would lead to wealth, without a shadow of a doubt, as if even a small number of seeds, would eventually make a great farm an unquestionable truth. And it will happen in no time if maximizing factors are applied, and those factors are well utilized.

And to quote the movie "Ratatouille" and rephrase its pivotal saying, we would say as it was said in the movie "Anyone can cook!", but for all of us, it is "Anyone can be rich!".